People wearing face masks move a gurney at a damaged hospital.(Reuters: Mohamed Azakir) (Reuters: Mohamed Azakir)
On August 4 2020, a devastating explosion in Beirut has killed and injured least 200 people and injured an estimated 5,000 others. In a city of 2 million up to 300,000 people are now homeless.

Three hospitals were badly damaged and forced to close with two others left only partly functioning, resulting in first aid and healthcare services becoming overwhelmed. Health care workers have struggled with reduced resources and facilities as they care for the thousands injured by the blast.

For immediate needs, The Rotary Club of Arnprior is asking for donations of medical supplies (wound dressings 4x4's, saline, IV tubing, wheelchairs, walkers, beds)
, and any financial contributions will be appreciated. For longer term rebuilding, our Rotary District is working with Beirut Rotary Clubs to support one of the hardest hit hospitals.  It serviced some of the poorest residents in Beirut who have no means to pay for health care.

Contact Vila Smith (see the Executives area) through this website.  People can also donate by visiting