Arnprior Rotarians Harry & Myra Kamen presented $300 from the Arnprior Club to the Eye Care Clinic out of Chiang Mai in Thailand.  As well, they presented $700 to Grandma Cares, The goal of this program is to address the serious needs of children and youth who have been orphaned as a result of their parents dying from AIDS/HIV
The Kamens have been volunteers in Thailand for over almost 25 years and have excellent contacts through the local Rotary Clubs.
The Grandma Cares Program is ongoing and sustainable. It supplies the children with all the necessities they need to thrive and continue with their education.  These necessities may be food, basic hygiene products, clothing and whatever else is needed.  They also provide counseling to encourage school attendance as well as medical assistance.   .
Dr Peter Bell is an Australian Optometrist who provides free comprehensive eye examinations for school aged children. Thousands of school children have had their eyes examined.  This program is ongoing with strong demand from many schools because eye care for children in Thailand is not the norm.  Children who require corrective glasses are provided with new prescription glasses free.  The program pays for these glasses and the logistics necessary for travel to the school, some at great distances from Chiang Mai.  Dr Peter Bell is a member of the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai West.