2024 Duck Tickets for Sale

Get ready for the return of the MAD Duck Race!
July 1 • 2 pm • Madawaska River bridge, Arnprior
Tickets $10. Cash prizes $500 - $1,500.
Come out to Giant Tiger on May 3 or Antrim Truck Stop on May 5 to buy a ticket. 10 am to 4pm
Support Arnprior Rotary • Make an impact in your community
Want to know more about Arnprior Rotary? Email us at ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com
For online orders, email ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com with your name, address, phone number & email.
E-transfer to the same address, password: Our Town [Arnprior]
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Earth Day Cleanup 2024

Help Us Protect our Watershed on Earth Day!
Join the Arnprior Rotary Club 9am - 11am in a Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup on Saturday April 20, 2024.
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Clay Bank Nature Park Outdoor Learning

Exciting Developments at Clay Bank Nature Park for Outdoor Learning
Please see the following article to find out about the exciting things that have been happening at nearby Clay Bank Nature Park for Outdoor Learning including efforts to protect threatened grassland bird species and much more.
The article was written by Rotarian Heather Lang and has been published in Forests Ontario’s magazine OUR FOREST, Vol.63, No.4, Fall-Winter 2023-24.
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New Member Rotary Club of Arnprior

Rotary Club of Arnprior’s Newest Member

On Monday, Dec 11th Heather Lang was inducted as a new member of the Rotary Club of Arnprior. The induction ceremony was held at the Club’s annual Christmas dinner held at the Galilee Centre in Arnprior. 

Heather being “pinned” during the induction ceremony by Rotarian and Environment Committee Chair Rod Smith.

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Rev Hughes Raising Funds for CT Scanner

Rotarian, Rev. Leo Hughes of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Arnprior, Ont. is partnering with the Arnprior Lions Club to sell his massive collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia to help raise money to buy a CT scanner for the local hospital.
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Dictionary4Life 2023

Arnprior Rotary has been busy distributing 195 Dictionaries4Life to ALL Grade 3 students in the 5 English area schools.
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SALC Donation Digital

Seniors Active Living Centre Coordinator Dana McCabe was pleased to receive a cheque for $1,350 from Arnprior Rotarian Jane Peters.
SALC Donation Digital JAP 2023-09-26 04:00:00Z 0
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Mad Duck Race 2023

Rotary Club Runs Race In ‘Fowl’ Weather

Steven Frost (and daughter Annie) $1500, Kyle Coady $1000, Caryn Miller $500.  Various Rotary members.

Good weather for ducks means rain, and so it did.  Along with thunder and lightning.  After last year’s cancellation for thunderstorms which never materialized, and races suspended during COVID years, expectations were high for this year’s July 1st event.

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Tarts and Arts Application for 2023

Tarts and Arts in the Park - Application Form

To Apply please use the “ 2023 Tarts & Arts Vendor Application” which is a Fillable PDF form located on the Bottom Right of this page in the Downloads section.
If you do not have an application that opens the Form in a Fillable version, we recommend Adobe Reader, available on PCs, Apple & Android.  Go to Google Play, Apple App Download, or Windows https://get.adobe.com/reader/ for your version.
Special Announcement: This year's theme is "Alice in Wonderland / Into the Looking Glass". If you thematically dress up or decorate your booth, you are eligible to win back your Booth registration up to $75!!  Those who enter Tarts in the Competition have a chance to be crowned "Queen of Tarts", so get your application in!!
Etransfers can be made to ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com, using a Hint of "Our Town" [Arnprior]
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Earth Day Clean up

Posted by Rod Smith
Rotary Earth Day Cleanup on White Lake Rd
The Rotary Club of Arnprior participated in the 3rd Annual Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup on Earth Day. Club and family members cleaned up a stretch of the White Lake Rd west from the Highway 417 overpass including in front of the Antrim Truck Stop and Stinsons. 
Plenty of the usual trash artifacts were hauled in including pop bottles, cigarette packs and blown tire bits. Some of the more unusual finds included a $20 bill and two credit cards proving that “there is gold in them thar trash piles!”
The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup involves hundreds of Rotary Clubs around the Great Lakes and demonstrates that acting locally can have a positive environmental impact on regional and global scales. 

Buena Dejoode’s hard work is rewarded by finding a $20 bill.  Guess where she is donating the funds to!!
Briar (left) and Alyson Simon proudly show off doing their bit to save the planet on Earth Day.
From left Paula Simon, Vila Smith and Buena Dejoode with the results of their hard work on a Earth Day
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2023 Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup

Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup
Earth Day
Saturday, April 22/23
Confirm participation to: ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com
All (16 years of age and older) are welcome to participate in the 3rd annual cleanup
Gather at the Antrim Truck Stop at 9:45 am on April 22nd
Participants will collect debris from the Hwy 417 overpass and west along the
White Lake Rd, County Rd 2
Bring work gloves, waterproof boots, long sleeve shirts, and long sleeves - a nylon safety vest will be provided.
Come out and do your bit for the local environment
Join an event involving 100’s of Rotary Clubs around the Great Lakes in Canada and the US
Make a real impact on Earth Day!!
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March 2023 Donations to Food Bank & TAP

Arnprior Rotary Club is supporting families in need during the current food inflationary period. Teachers Against Poverty received $1,000, presented to TAP representative Dana Smith by Rotarians Buena Grace Dejoode & Terry Dawson. Arnprior Food Bank representatives Pat Tait & Don Palmer received a cheque for $3,000 from Arnprior Rotary President Diana Tomazin.
The Arnprior Rotary Club would like to thank Pembroke Delta Gaming for providing the fundraising for these local community organizations.
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Blankets for Ukraine

Have you been wondering what you could do to help suffering people in the Ukraine?
 The Arnprior Rotary Club is helping Support Ukrainian Refugees by donating to the Warm Blanket Project -  “WE WILL WARM UP UKRAINE IN A DIFFICULT HOUR” This is a project created by the Rotary Club of Kharkiv in Ukraine.
 We have already sent an initial donation of $1860 from the Tarts & Arts Silent Auction and Leaps & Bounds daycare fundraising, and are looking to send more support!
The need is NOW with approaching winter in a heat insecure environment.
 E-Transfers to ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com with a password hint: Recipient country U***e  Make an impact in the lives of people in war-torn Ukraine.
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Ukrainian - Warm Blanket Project

Help Support Ukranian Refugees by donating to the Warm Blanket Project -  “WE WILL WARM UP UKRAINE IN A DIFFICULT HOUR”
Every $40 of funds raised will allow the manufacture and free distribution one more blanket in the Ukraine.  The need is now with approaching winter in a heat insecure environment.
Please donate to ArnpriorRotary@GMail.com  
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Ukraine Refugee Donation

Assistance for Ukrainian Refugee Family Living in Arnprior
Marta Hutchenko and her four-year old daughter Nikol fled Kyiv, Ukraine following the tragic outbreak of war in February 2022.  Her husband remains behind in Kyiv and her Mother is living in Odessa.  Fortunately, Marta has been able to keep the lines of communication open to Ukraine through social media.
Marta and Nikol are staying in Arnprior with Caroline O’Farrell who has very graciously opened up her home to help these two war refugees.  Caroline also organized a euchre tournament and silent auction hosted by the Arnprior Curling Club to help with dental costs.  Nikol is attending junior kindergarten and her English is improving rapidly as she and her mother adjust to all the changes thrust upon them.
The Rotary Club of Arnprior recently provided a donation of $250 to Marta.  Rotarian Rod Smith handed over the donation and posed with Marta and Nikol in the photo below in which Marta proudly displays one of her works of art.  Marta is a very talented professional, having worked as a graphic artist in Kyiv. This link provides a sample of Marta’s 2D and painting work and stands as a testament to her talents: https://www.deviantart.com/martahutchenko. She is actively seeking work as a graphic artist in Canada and will undertake commissioned artwork for clients.
We all wish Marta and Nikol the best of luck as they endure these trying circumstances.
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TAP & Food Bank Donation 2022

Christmas Donations 2022
Rotarians Gerhard Peters and Amanda Telford give Cheque to TAP Representative Dana Smith
Arnprior Rotary Club is pleased to offer Christmas contributions of $2,500 to the Arnprior Food Bank and $1,000 to Teachers Against Poverty in Arnprior.
While Gerhard has been an Arnprior Rotarian since 1988, Amanda is one our newest members!
Amanda was first introduced to Rotary through visiting the Rotary House in Ottawa https://rotaryhome.on.ca/, which helps caregivers and individuals with disabilities.
Having recently moved to Arnprior, Amanda wanted to join the Club to make a positive impact in her new home town!
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Cash Calendars 2023

Get Your 2023 Cash Calendars!!
May be an image of outdoors and text
Get your Daily Draw $20,000 Cash Calendar.
Daily prizes from $20 - $200, with 3 special prizes of $1,000. A perfect Stocking Stuffer! Ottawa area pictures make up the "Ottawa's Nature Path" theme. Get yours before they run out!
Available at White Pine Books or Library. Or contact ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com to arrange for pickup or delivery.
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Christmas Cakes for Sale

Get your Christmas Cakes!!
See the Fillable Order Form in the Downloads section of this web page!
UPDATE:  Limited quantities, so email before making a e-transfer!!
Email & e-transfer m arnpriorrotary@gmail.com with your order, etransfer psswd: [Answer name of Our Town] - "A**r"
Delivery can be arranged within Arnprior area & West Ottawa
Questions?  613 623-6019
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Foot Care Donation 2022  2022-10-23 04:00:00Z 0
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Successful 1st Tarts & Arts in the Park

Arnprior’s Tarts and Arts festival a huge success
The Queen of Tarts has been crowned!
It was a delicious day of family fun at the inaugural Tarts & Arts in the Park Festival hosted by the Rotary Club of Arnprior in Robert Simpson Park on Saturday, Aug. 27.
From kid’s games, to local artists and yummy treats it was the perfect recipe for success!
Diana Tomazin, Arnprior Rotary president hopes it will become an annual event. “I think it’s pretty good for the first year and a good turn out,” said Tomazin.
Tart royalty was out in full force and it was a delicious day to test all the tarts!
The hardest job of the day, judging the tarts, went to Tomazin, Glenn Arthur, Karen DeLuca, Janet Carlile, Darrel O’Shaughnessy, with hilarious commentary by Andy Kalnins. The tarts were judge by appearance, crust flavour, filling flavour, crust baking, filling baking and creativity.
The winners, who were literally crowned with a sparkling tiara, in the Wild tart category was Laura Killoran. In the Original category Erin Welsford was crowned victorious with Alex Everett taking second place.
Marilyn Misener
One of the participants has had impressive experience with Butter Tart competitions.  The Grand Champion for Butter Tarts in 2019 from the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies had a butter tart that just melted in your mouth.  “I was pretty happy to win and I am going to try again this year,” said Marilyn Misener, of Glasgow Station.She first won at the Carp Fair, next she was the best in the district and finally she was the best out of 256 tarts in all of Ontario.When pressured to reveal the special ingredients, she had this to say. “You never know what’s inside, and I don’t give out my secret!”
There was so much arts and handicrafts on display it was hard not to go home empty handed. Plus they were all local! And there was something for everyone from wood work, to acrylic paint, to hand knitted creations and bead work. It was all beautiful!
One of the best parts of this festival was it was truly for all members of the family. The kids had a wonderful time playing classic games such as limbo, bean bag toss, puzzles and mask making.
Taking centre stage the large crowd saw performances from the Main Street School of Music, Arnprior School of Dance, Balloon Animals and Little Ray’s Reptiles. 
The event was run by the volunteers at the Arnprior Rotary Club with funds raised from the silent auction going to support Club Projects including Ukrainian relief.

For more information on the Arnprior Rotary Club visit: https://ArnpriorRotary.ca/
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2022 Duck Race Winners


Shown from  left to right are Diana Tomazin, Candyn Wilson (winner of $1,000 first prize ),Terry Dawson, Isaac Brenton (winner of $500) ,Vila Smith and fronted by Big Duck.

The Rotary Club wishes to thank all those who purchased tickets . The proceeds of which go to funding many projects in Arnprior and area.

The Rotary Club  especially wants to thank the businesses that graciously allowed us to use their premises for selling tickets on the event , those being No  Frills , Canadian Tire Corporation, Arnprior Metro and Giant Tiger.
Unfortunately, due to forecast Thunderstorms, the ducks did not get a chance to swim down the Madawaska. Instead, the two winning tickets were drawn beside the Madawaska River by a helpful Arnprior resident.

We look forward to the support of the community in all of our current and future events.
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Mad Duck Tickets 2022

Support the Arnprior Rotary Club by purchasing your July 1st Mad Duck Race Ticket for $5 each.  Proceeds go to support Arnprior Rotary projects, like our Tree Planting & Dictionaries4Life for all Gr 3 students.

etransfer to ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com, including
     Phone, email, psswd: [Answer name of Our Town] - "A**r".  We will send back an image of your ticket.
    We are down to our last few tickets.  Reach out by email if you wish a ticket
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TREES Project Announcement

20,000 Trees and Counting! 
Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time
Working with the with the Township of McNab/Braeside, Arnprior Rotary helped to secure funding from Forests Ontario for a significant Tree Planting operation beginning on April 25, 2022.  Arnprior Rotary also successfully applied for a Rotary District 7040 Grant to help to expand the Clay Bank Nature Park for Outdoor Learning.
Arnprior is one of the fastest growing small towns in Ontario and the expansion of Highway 417 to Renfrew is now underway.  To counteract the tree loss due to that expansion, real estate development, the removal of agricultural windrows, and tree mortality due to insects, Arnprior Rotary and the Township of McNab/Braeside have teamed up to plant thousands of white spruce, red pine and white pine trees - 22,840 over two years to be exact - through the Forests Ontario and the 50 Million Tree Program.
Rotary International’s newest Area of Focus is The Environment into which the Arnprior Rotary Club has leapt with both feet in a significant way.
We are looking for new members and this is just another example of Rotary in Action in our community.
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Join us for Earth Day 2022 Cleanup!

Help Us Protect our watershed on Earth Day!
Join the Arnprior Rotary Club 9am - 11am in a Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup on Saturday April 23rd 2022.
We are all connected. Our Watershed includes the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers, all the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence. All of our local trash that gets into the river will wash downstream.
The two Sites targeted for this year’s Clean Up are The Algonquin Trail and River Road :
A) Algonquin Trail at Division Street on the old Rail bed - meet at the intersection and park nearby.
B) River Road #1 Between Braeside and Arnprior - meet in the parking Lot of Our Lady Perpetual Help Parish on Dochart Street in Braeside
Meet 9 AM April 23rd for Sign In, Orientation and to get Supplies
Reminder that there is always the possibility of Poison Ivy or Ticks in the grass and uneven terrain so please wear appropriate attire. Good Closed Toe Shoes or Boots, Long Sleeves, Pants, and some work gloves are recommended.
Come Join us!
Join us for Earth Day 2022 Cleanup! Gerhard Peters 2022-04-12 04:00:00Z 0
Tarts and Arts in the Park Gerhard Peters 2022-04-12 04:00:00Z 0

2021 Christmas Donation Grove Residents

In December, Arnprior Rotary donated to the Grove Nursing Home so that every resident received a gift during the Holiday season. Funds were available due to contributions from Delta Bingo
2021 Christmas Donation Grove Residents  JAP 2022-02-16 05:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris to Rabbi Bulka

The Rotary Club of Arnprior recognized a posthumous Paul Harris award on the late Rabbi Reuven Bulka, who exemplified Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self”. The evening’s award occurred during the club’s weekly meeting and was attended by the Rabbi’s son Eliezer and the current Rabbi of Machzikei Hadas, Rabbi Scher. Rotarian Leo Hughes spoke about how the Rabbi Bulka dedicated his life to spreading kindness, helping people, making a difference, comforting others, and always saying the right thing at the right time to make someone feel better which is guided by the Rotary motto, Service Above Self.
The Rotary Club of Arnprior has two members who belong to the synagogue for which Rabbi Bulka was a rabbi since 1967, and another Club member worked with the Rabbi in delivering "Who is Nobody" kits to schools in the area.
Rabbi Bulka co-founded Kind Canada, a non-profit organization that encourages Canadians to practice kindness daily and support charitable causes The first national Kindness Week is slated for February 2022, and Canadians are called on to carry out acts of kindness in their communities during the third week of February every year.
A Paul Harris Fellow Award is Rotary's highest recognition to acknowledge individuals who contribute to the betterment of our community. The dedication plaque will be displayed at his synagogue in a room dedicated to all his accomplishments.
Paul Harris to Rabbi Bulka VS 2022-01-24 05:00:00Z 0

Environmental Cleanup 2021-09

Rotary Great lakes Watershed Cleanup
Rotary Club of Arnprior Cleans up Algonquin Trail and “Unplugged” Kids Clean up Galilee Beach
On Sept 25, 2021 a dozen Club members, family and friends of Rotary gathered to clean up sites that could pollute local waterways.  Also participating in the cleanup as part of an educational outing were 10 children and guardians of the Unplugged Program of St John Lutheran Church.
Some of the cleanup crew on the Algonquin Trail in Braeside. Rod Smith, Gerhard Peters, Jane Peters, Bill Sellers, Vila Smith, Terry Dawson, Bruce Buie, Dave Palmer and Pushpa (bottom row)
An initiative of the Club’s newly minted Environment Committee, approximately 275kg of trash was carted away with considerable effort from the Algonquin Trail (former CP rail line) adjacent to the Arnprior Landfill near Braeside.  Afterward, the group gathered for a much deserved lunch at Betty’s Chips in Braeside overlooking the extraordinarily beautiful – and cleaner - Ottawa River.
Unplugged children cleaning up the Beach along the Ottawa River at the Galilee Centre in Arnprior
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Ottawa Cash Calendar 2022

Arnprior Rotary is selling this Cash Calendar whose theme is "Ottawa's Nature Path".  Perfect Stocking Stuffer!
Cost is $20, with half going to our Club for our programs.  Over $20,000 in Cash Prizes and daily prizes from $20 - $200, with 3 special prizes of $1,000.  4,000 Calendars printed.
Contact ArnpriorRotary@gmail.com to order & make an e-transfer.  Local delivery early December, along with our Annual Fruit Cake sales.
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2021 Literacy Month

How does The Rotary Club of Arnprior help with literacy?
Every fall, all Grade 3 students in Arnprior are presented with a beautifully illustrated dictionary called Dictionary 4 Life. Using these dictionaries helps children develop their facility with the English language, stimulate their interests in exploring how to spell words and find their meanings.
One of the most positive aspects of being able to use a dictionary is that it helps to develop autonomy and confidence in the learner — one of the core goals of education. 

The Rotary Club of Arnprior, working in partnership with the Rotary Club of Newbury in the UK, recently donated 20 desks to schools in Ukerewe, Tanzania so that every child will have a seat and a good learning environment. Each desk cost $24.
Rotary supports activities and training to improve education for all children and literacy for children and adults. The Rotary Foundation enables Rotarians to ensure that all people have sustainable access to basic education and literacy
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Darrel O'Shaughnessy Paul Harris

Recently Arnprior Volunteer Extraordinare Darrel O’Shaughnessy was presented Rotary’s Paul Harris Award by Rotary District Governor Fay Campbell and Rotary Club of Arnprior President Vila Smith at an end of summer gathering.
The Arnprior Rotary Club is pleased to announce that Darrel O’Shaughnessy has been given the prestigious Paul Harris Award for his volunteer efforts within the Arnprior Community over the last decade. 

In 2011 Darrel and his wife Betty were involved with the creation of the successful Arnprior Dragon Boat Club (ADBC) which in 2015 led to the annual Arnprior Dragon Boat Festival.  More recently he was instrumental in successfully launching Canada’s 22nd Men’s Shed in 2019.  He currently serves as Chair of the Greater Arnprior Senior's Council (GASC) and has positions on the Town of Arnprior's Corporate Services Advisory Committee and the Senior’s Active Living Centre (SALC) Advisory Committee. 
Darrel O'Shaughnessy Paul Harris JAP 2021-08-23 04:00:00Z 0

4-Way Test Awards

Congratulations to the Grade 8 Students who received Rotary's 4-Way Test Award, acknowledging that they exemplify the tenets of Test that Rotarians attempt to live by. Thanks to Delta Bingo for assisting with the financing of the gift of the Notebook that went with the Award.
4-Way Test Awards JAP 2021-06-30 04:00:00Z 0

Ukerewe Desk Donation June, 2021

These children are saying "Asanti Sana' (Thank You).
A year ago, four members of the Rotary Club of Newbury, UK visited the island of Ukerewe in Lake Victoria, Tanzania to evaluate previous projects. Following this visit they launched an appeal for support to supply primary schools with desks and benches. Thanks to donations from a number of Rotary Clubs, including Arnprior, they have been able to supply 126 desks and benches to 5 primary schools.

The teachers are so pleased and have appealed for more desks.  Currently the Newbury Club is looking to supply at least 100 more desks.
Ukerewe Desk Donation June, 2021 2021-06-08 04:00:00Z 0

Jeanette Grant Paul Harris

Jeanette Grant received a Paul Harris Award in recognition of Jeanette’s many volunteer activities since she & David moved to Arnprior in 2008.
  • Joined with 3 other Breast Cancer survivors to form Prior Chest Nuts, which included applying for & receiving Trillium Grant of $28,500 for startup funds
  • Volunteering at Library led to becoming a Board member
  • Also involved at Hospital Auxiliary, Opp Shop, Grance St Andrew’s United Church & fun with Red Hats
Despite COVID & ALS, Jeanette continues with gardening & sending Birthday Cards to church’s children
From Jeanette:“Volunteering has been part of my life since I was a child.I love being with people who do things to help make the community be a good living experience.”
Jeanette Grant Paul Harris 2021-05-31 04:00:00Z 0

Grove Christmas Donation

Some residents of Arnprior's Grove Nursing Home have no one to give them Christmas gifts.  For more than 30 years, the Rotary Club of Arnprior has been providing funds to purchase Christmas Gifts for every resident, chosen by the Staff to ensure that the right gifts are chosen..  We could not join them at the usual Christmas Party, so no Fruit Cake was provided, but we continued with the funding of this service to our Seniors with the help from Delta Bingo in Pembroke.
Grove Christmas Donation JAP 2020-12-31 05:00:00Z 0

Buy Your Christmas Fruit Cakes!

The Club has our Christmas Fruit Cakes available again!  Use the order form below to place an order, and delivery can be arranged to many locations!
A Fillable Order form is available in the Downloads section of this web page, or email j-g.peters at eagleair.ca with name, order, address & phone #.  E-transfers can be done to this same email address!
Buy Your Christmas Fruit Cakes! JAP 2020-11-02 05:00:00Z 0

Beirut Donation Update

A second load of donated medical supplies including wheel chairs, walkers and other materials was delivered to Rotarian Peter Labelle in Cornwall.  These supplies were added to others collected by the Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise and delivered to Toronto for shipment in a container to Beirut on October 26, 2020. The value of the medical supplies collected through the Rotary Club of Arnprior alone is estimated to be well in excess of $70,000.
At this time, the Rotary Club would like to offer our sincerest THANKS to our partners that helped assemble all these donations: Ed Byers, County of Renfrew Paramedic Service; Lorna Byers, Rotary Club of Eganville; Darell O’Shaughnessy and Glenn Arthur of the Arnprior Seniors Active Living Centre and Arnprior Regional Health; John Wilson, Rotary Club of Renfrew; and Joyce Dawson, Friend, Rotary Club of Arnprior.  A resounding shout out to all of you!
Beirut Donation Update VS 2020-10-19 04:00:00Z 0

Beirut Explosion Medical Supplies

A big thank you to Rotarians Vila & Rod Smith for collecting and delivering medical supplies collected from multiple Rotarians in the Ottawa Valley.  They will be added to the 40' container destined for Beirut.
A particular shout out to Ed Byers of the Rotary Club of Eganville for collecting supplies from the Paramedics in Renfrew County.
If you or anyone you know has medical supplies that can be added to the container please email us and we can make arrangements.
Beirut Explosion Medical Supplies JAP 2020-09-28 04:00:00Z 0

Beirut Explosion Support

People wearing face masks move a gurney at a damaged hospital.(Reuters: Mohamed Azakir) (Reuters: Mohamed Azakir)
On August 4 2020, a devastating explosion in Beirut has killed and injured least 200 people and injured an estimated 5,000 others. In a city of 2 million up to 300,000 people are now homeless.

Three hospitals were badly damaged and forced to close with two others left only partly functioning, resulting in first aid and healthcare services becoming overwhelmed. Health care workers have struggled with reduced resources and facilities as they care for the thousands injured by the blast.

For immediate needs, The Rotary Club of Arnprior is asking for donations of medical supplies (wound dressings 4x4's, saline, IV tubing, wheelchairs, walkers, beds)
, and any financial contributions will be appreciated. For longer term rebuilding, our Rotary District is working with Beirut Rotary Clubs to support one of the hardest hit hospitals.  It serviced some of the poorest residents in Beirut who have no means to pay for health care.

Contact Vila Smith (see the Executives area) through this website.  People can also donate by visiting www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/the-rotary-club-of-arnprior-charitable-trust/
Beirut Explosion Support JAP 2020-08-31 04:00:00Z 0

Meeting Online

The Rotary Club of Arnprior announces that we are now meeting Online during this period of Physical Distancing.
Contact us through this web page if you would like to drop in to see what we are doing!!  Just click on the Contact Tab.
Meeting Online 2020-03-28 04:00:00Z 0

Renfrew County Receives Needed Help

During the current COVID-19 crisis, the need to help struggling families is now. The Arnprior Rotary Club met with Dawn McAdam, Customer Service Representative of Ontario Works in Arnprior, to hand over $10,700 in Food, Gas and Supply Gift Cards to aid ongoing Disaster Victims as provided by a group of Rotary Clubs. This adds to the $3,050 funds donated by Rotary Clubs to help Flood victims last fall.
The obtaining of these funds was spearheaded by Gerhard Peters of the Arnprior Rotary Club and the money comes from all District 7040 Rotary Clubs including the Ottawa Valley Rotary Clubs in Renfrew County. Contributing District Clubs come from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Northern New York State.
The total $10,700 of $50 Gift Cards included:
$5,700 from President's Choice for groceries and medications (through Shopper's Drug Mart)
$2,500 from Canadian Tire (including Gas),
$   750 from ESSO Gas,
$   750 from Ultramar Gas.

$1,000 from Home Hardware

These cards will be delivered to Andrea Patrick, Ontario Works Manager  - Social Service Department, to disburse throughout Renfrew County to selected qualifying clients in need of this aid.
Rotary Club of Arnprior Charitable Trust:  Donations would be welcome and could be sent to PO Box 481, Arnprior, ON K7S 3L9
Renfrew County Receives Needed Help 2020-03-27 04:00:00Z 0

Food Bank Donation

Rotary Club of Arnprior donated $500 to the Arnprior Food Bank to help with the increasing numbers of families needing assistance during our COVID-19 shutdown
Food Bank Donation 2020-03-24 04:00:00Z 0

Shoe Bank Canada

Arnprior Rotarians Dave Palmer and Mike Steeves show off some of Shoes collected by the Rotary Club of West Ottawa through support from Shoe Bank Canada and Dymon Storage. These new shoes were distributed to Arnprior & Renfrew Food Banks, and Arnprior's Opportunity Shop and Neighbourhood Link.     http://shoebankcanada.org/
Shoe Bank Canada 2020-02-28 05:00:00Z 0

Helping Homeless Veterans

Canada's Veterans need our support.  Arnprior Rotary recently made a $200 donation to the Vets Canada, presented by Arnprior Rotarian Dave Palmer, second from the right.

As service providers of Veterans Affairs Canada, Vets Canada (http://vetscanada.org) provides aid and comfort to Canadian veterans that are in-crisis, are at risk of becoming homeless, or are homeless.

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Thailand Programs 2020

Arnprior Rotarians Harry & Myra Kamen presented $300 from the Arnprior Club to the Eye Care Clinic out of Chiang Mai in Thailand.  As well, they presented $700 to Grandma Cares, The goal of this program is to address the serious needs of children and youth who have been orphaned as a result of their parents dying from AIDS/HIV
The Kamens have been volunteers in Thailand for over almost 25 years and have excellent contacts through the local Rotary Clubs.
The Grandma Cares Program is ongoing and sustainable. It supplies the children with all the necessities they need to thrive and continue with their education.  These necessities may be food, basic hygiene products, clothing and whatever else is needed.  They also provide counseling to encourage school attendance as well as medical assistance.   . http://grandmacares.weebly.com
Dr Peter Bell is an Australian Optometrist who provides free comprehensive eye examinations for school aged children. Thousands of school children have had their eyes examined.  This program is ongoing with strong demand from many schools because eye care for children in Thailand is not the norm.  Children who require corrective glasses are provided with new prescription glasses free.  The program pays for these glasses and the logistics necessary for travel to the school, some at great distances from Chiang Mai.  Dr Peter Bell is a member of the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai West.
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Several presentations were held during the November 18 meeting.


Former DG Martha Weaver presented Dave Palmer with the very prestigious 5 Avenues of Service Award from RI. 

She also presented to Leo Hughes a District Service award for his years of service in the community and Rotarian of the Year Pin to Mike Steeves for his contributions last year

Also making a presentation to the Club members was student Mackenzie Pauze who spoke about her experience at RYLA in Kingston in June 2019, where she developed leadership skills through role-playing exercises, proactive challenges, and her favourite, was an escape room.  She highly recommended this opportunity to be given to other students.  She is currently the President of the Arnprior District High School (ADHS) Interact Club, which is still a work in progress. She shared the recent success of the Club to undertake a Food Bank drive, which Gerry later commented on the amount of food items collected, and the opportunity for the students to see and learn the operation first hand.
Mackenzie Pauze receiving PolioPlus Donation Certificate
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Dictionary 4 Life (D4L)

Posted by vila smith on Nov 19, 2019


The Arnprior Rotary Club has been involved with Dictionary 4 Life since 2016. This Fall Rotarians were at two elementary schools in Arnprior, namely McNab Braeside Public School and Walter Zadow Public School handing out dictionaries to the Grade 3 students.

The purpose of this project is to help children develop stronger self esteem, encourage familiarity with books, give "pride of ownership", and promote Rotary values to the child, family, and the community. The D4L has a space for the recipient's name on the inside cover in the Rotary information

Grade 3 students at McNab Braeside Public School, with their D4L books which they received from Rotarians David Grant and Vila Smith.

Students from Walter Zadow Public School:


Grade 3 students from Walter Zadow school. From left Rotarian Mike Steeves, Teacher. Mrs. Hewitt, Rotarian David Grant and on the right Rotarians Rod and Vila Smith.

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District Conference  In Clayton New York 

District Conference in Clayton New York
Taking in many inspirational presentations from keynote speakers, making new friends and enjoying fabulous fellowship. 

In attendance are Rotarian Diana Tomazin, Club President Gerhard Peters, Rotarian Rod & Vila Smith and Club Treasurer Jane Peters.  Note the Hawaiian shirt that Gerhard is wearing to support the presentation for the 2020 International Convention in Honolulu!
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Guest Speaker Karen DeLuca

Thank you very much to Karen DeLuca, Chief Librarian / CEO who made a very informative presentation to members of the Arnprior Rotary club on  Monday. She talked about the Arnprior Public Library and the various services it offers such as lending library books * DVDs * CDs * magazines * audio books * Inter library loan service * children's programs and story times * large print materials * Free online databases including language learning, eBooks, Ancestry.ca, to name a few. 

As a thank you gift to Karen the Rotary Club of Arnprior will vaccinate 50 children against Polio in honour of Karen for her enlightening talk on the Arnprior Library.

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World Polio Day

October 24 is World Polio Day

Today, on World Polio Day, Rotary and its Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners announced that wild poliovirus type 3 (WPV3) has been eradicated worldwide. WPV3 is only the third infectious human disease-causing pathogen to be eradicated in history, following smallpox and wild poliovirus type 2. This achievement means that two of the three wild polio strains have now been wiped out, an important marker of progress against the disease.

The announcement comes on the heels of recent news that Nigeria has gone three years without a case of wild poliovirus, which means that the entire African region could be certified wild poliovirus-free in sometime in 2020.

“The eradication of wild poliovirus type three is a critical step in Rotary’s fight to eradicate polio,” said Michael K. McGovern, Chair of Rotary’s International PolioPlus Committee. “Even as we’re addressing major challenges in Pakistan and Afghanistan, we continue to make historic progress that shows us that eradication is possible.

Today is World Polio Day—a time to reflect on our efforts, how far we’ve come, and the work that still needs to be done to fulfill our promise of a polio-free world. It’s important that we remain optimistic and harness the momentum of this good news as we tackle the remaining challenges in the global effort to end polio.”


This painting was drawn by Rotarian Jamaal Rolle from the Bahamas. The Artist created a painting showing a child receiving a drop of the polio vaccine for the End Polio Now message. The painting raised €8,000 (US$9,065.00) at the 2019 Rotary Convention in Hamburg, Germany that was held in early June.
To Find out More Use this link: http://www.endpolio.org/
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Millennium Trail Beginnings

The Rotary Club of Arnprior is proud to have been instrumental in creating the Millennial Trails in Arnprior.  This page celebrates the Trails in the area.
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Arnprior Rotary Club supports Grandma Cares Program 

The Arnprior Rotary Club supports "Grandma Cares" partnership program and the Children’s Sight Project in Chiangmai, Thailand. 


The Grandma Cares program is a program of the Women’s Rotary Club ofChiang Mai Thin Thai Ngam. The program supports orphans and helps with the needs of children and youths who have been orphaned as a result of their parents dying from AIDS/HIV.

The program fund tuition for students twice in a Thai School term. The club’s emphasis is on good healthy livelihood and to stay in school to be good citizens.

This Rotary Club also supports some schools to see the needs of students for healthy vision.

Rotarians Harry and Myra Kamen from the Rotary Club of Arnprior have been going to Chiang Mai for a number of years to work with the local Rotary Club in the implementation of the projects.

In February 2004, the Rotary Club of Chiangmai Thinthaingam, District 3360, launched the "Grandma Cares" partnership program in which Rotary Clubs from around the world were invited to participate and to date, seven Rotary Clubs, including the Rotary Club of Arnprior are supporting this program.



Harry and Myra Kamen 4th from left with Rotarian P.P.Hope from the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin Thai Ngam (Photos provided by The Kamen’s)


Rotarians Harry and Myra Kamen presenting a cheque from the Arnprior Rotary Club to the Women’s Rotary Club of Chiang Mai Thin Thai Ngam 


Children’s Sight Project


 Myra Kamen helping at the Children’s Sight Project.


Notes provided by Rotarian Harry Kamen.

All photos courtesy of The Kamen’s.

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10th Annual Duck Race

The 10th Annual Mad Duck Race was held on the Madawaska River. 1500 “duckies” were released with the help of a front end loader loaned by Sullivan’s. 
Rotarians, family and friends were on hand to retrieve these ducks from their canoes, kayaks, seadoo and boats.
The lucky winners were May Waugh from New Liskerd, Ontario and she bought the winning ticket from Sherry Kerr, (below) Sales Associate from Audrey’s Boutique in Arnprior.
The 2nd price of $500 went to Stephen Dodd of Arnprior.
Congratulations to both these winners and thanks for supporting Rotary. 
Many thanks goes to Rotarian Terry Dawson who oversees the running of the annual event.
Photos below show some Rotarians, family and friends helping to retrieve the duckies from the Madawaska River.
2nd price  $500 went to Stephen Dodd of Arnprior.
Congratulations to both these winners and thanks for supporting Rotary. 
Many thanks to Rotarian Terry Dawson who oversees the running of the annual event.
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Rotary Clubs help Tornado Victims 

Last year in September 2018, a powerful tornado swept through the Ottawa area. Many of the homes, farm properties  and a children’s recreational building in the Dunrobin area were either partially or completely destroyed.

Many Rotarians immediately went to work to help the families ravaged by the devastation. 

On June 17, at the Kenwood Centre in Arnprior after 9 1/2 months since the disaster happened President Dave Palmer thanked Martha Weaver, District Governor, and several members of the Rotary Club of Arnprior for assisting him through the process to obtain funds from the District in order to help the victims of Dunrobin.  Dave introduced Lori McGrath of the West Carleton Disaster Relief group who was delighted to announce that a local company SenStar had stepped in to rebuild the equipment shed, change room, bleachers and do other remedial work. 

Dave especially acknowledged John and Beate Stewart from the RC of Chesterville who ran a fundraiser to raise money for this cause and Ed and his son Brent Smith of the RC of Ottawa-Stittsville Club who arrived with a $1000 cheque to be used towards the relief fund.

DG Martha Weaver helped present the gift cards provided by Rotary for families in need to Lori McGrath of the West Carleton Disaster Relief. A total of $1,320  was obtained in gift cards from each of following stores in Arnprior and area; Shell & McEwan gas stations, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Rona and Sobeys.  


Front row: John and Beate from the Chesterville Rotary Club, District Governor Martha Weaver, Lori McGrath of the West Carleton Disaster Relief, President Dave Palmer, and Ed Smith of the RC of Ottawa-Stittsville Club.









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Valley Night 2019

The Rotary Club of Arnprior hosted it’s annual “Valley Night” a gathering of Rotary Clubs in the Ottawa Valley on Thursday May 23, 2019 at the Sand Point Golf Club in Braeside. The theme for the evening was on Volunteerism. Celebrating the theme of "volunteerism" Rotarian Rev. Dr. Leo Hughes was presented with the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers by MP Cheryl Gallant. Also present for the evening was MPP. John Yakabuski, Mayors of Arnprior and McNab Braeside,  Walter Stack and
Tom Peckett.
Dr. Rev. Leo Hughes and Margaret Hughes 
Left to Right. President Dave Palmer, Mayor of McNab Braeside Tom Peckett, MP Cheryl Gallant, Dr. Rev. Hughes, MPP John Yakabuski & Mayor of Arnprior Walter Stack

The evening began with an Acapela group named ‘Nothin’ but Treble” comprising of 4 very talented ladies performing during the dinner period with a compilation of songs. 
A cheque presentation for $10,000 was presented by the President of the Rotary Club of Arnprior to the Chair of the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation Jackie Asselin. 

President Dave Palmer presenting the cheque.
The other presentations were The Paul Harris Fellow recognition award which were presented to individuals who contribute or who have made a personal monetary contribution of $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. The award also recognizes individuals who have given tirelessly over a considerable period of time to their community.
There were 3 recipients who received the Paul Harris award. They were Rob Ball of Sullivan & Sons for the Company's continued Community Support to Rotary, Rotarians Brian Patterson and Terry Dawson. Martha Weaver District Governor of 7040 presented the awards to Rob Ball & Rotarian Brian Patterson 
Absent to receive the award was Rotarian Terry Dawson.

From left Pres. Dave Palmer, District Governor Martha Weaver, Rotarian Brian Patterson and Rob Ball from Sullivan & Sons
The Keynote speaker for the evening was David King of the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO) . David has over 20 years of executive experience in marketing, sales, business development, Human Resources & engineering. David is an active volunteer who donates his time and expertise to local, national and international pursuits.
Keynote speaker David King
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2019 Rotary Cash Calendar winners

Posted by Vila Smith on May 06, 2019

2019 Cash Calendar Winners 

Congratulations to the following winners.

The Early Bird winners drawn on the Nov. 24th Christmas Craft Fair and Bake Sale  were:

  • Lucien Clouthier $500
  • M. Sullivan & Sons $300 (Sponsor and donated it back to the club)
  • Donna Gunn $200
Special Day Winners
  • Family Day $300
    • Joseph Antrozi
  • Arnprior Rotary Day in May $400.00
    • Janet Simmonds
  • Father’s Day $300
    • Darlene Mullens 
  • Mother’s Day  $300.00
    • Arlene Holmes
  • Thanksgiving $300
    • Scott MacLaren

Monthly Winners $200 Each:

  • January - M. Sullivan & Sons Sponsor and donated it back to the club
  • February - Adrienne Smith 
  • March - Elliot Martin 
  • April  - Marion Neill
  • May - Chris Jensen
  • June - Kyle & Sarah Graham
  • July - Jacques Lalonde
  • August - Sherry Steeves 
  • September - Lynda Horner
  • October- Lorne Bretzlaff
  • November - Linda Fairchild
  • December - Alexis Barr
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Dictionaries 4Life

Posted on Apr 29, 2019



On Thursday April 25, the Grade 3 students of A.J. Charbonneau Public School were individually presented with free beautifully illustrated dictionaries to take home and use throughout their educational development. 


The Dictionaries 4 Life program is a literacy program that had its origin with Rotary in the UK. It was first embraced by the Rotary Club of West Ottawa in District 7040 and more recently by more than a dozen other Rotary Clubs in District 7040. 

These dictionaries will not only help the children with the English language but stimulate their interest in various subjects. Children will learn to use dictionaries efficiently to explore the spelling of words and their meaning. 


Before making the book presentation we talked to the students about Rotary and the various projects we are involved in the community and also internationally. 

The looks of delight as the students received their dictionaries and printed their names in them is what makes the whole effort so worthwhile. 


Our thanks to Lisa Murphy Principal of A.J.Charbonneau School of the Renfrew County District School Board for making this possible and Rotarians David Grant, Rod Smith and Vila Smith for presenting the Dictionaries.

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The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers 

Posted by Vila Smith




Leo Hughes at home with his wife Margaret. .  Photo courtesy of Derek Dunn/Metroland.


Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada and Queen Elizabeth II’s representative, has granted the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers to Rotarian Leo Hughes of Arnprior.


The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers is a Canadian decoration which recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of Canadians from across the country in a wide range of fields and pays tribute to the dedication and commitment of volunteers. 


The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers will be awarded to Reverend Dr. Leo Hughes during a ceremony hosted by the Rotary Club of Arnprior on May 23rd. The 87-year-old Mr. Hughes has been an exceptional volunteer in the community, co-founding the Arnprior branch of the Rotary Club, providing support to the local Legion and veterans and for years as reverend of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

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Students on Ice

In mid July, Marlayna Griffin a grade 11 student at Arnprior District High School attended the 2018 Students On Ice Arctic expedition. 

Many local businesses and charitable organizations including the Rotary club of Arnprior were happy to help Marlayna achieve this amazing educational opportunity.

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Bronze Hero Award

Posted by Vila Smith



The Rotary Club of Arnprior has helped with Shelter Boxes by providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disasters. In appreciation, to continue to support disaster relief the Club has received a ShelterBox Canada Hero Bronze certificate.


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Rotarians at Toronto 2018 Convention

Posted by Vila Smith on Jun 24, 2018
5 members from the Rotary Club of Arnprior are attending the 109th Rotary Convention in Toronto.
At the opening day of the Convention are Gerhard and Jane Peters, Bruce Buie, Vila & Rod Smith
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New Members inducted

Posted by Vila Smith on Jun 13, 2018

Induction Of New Members
On June 4th 2018, the Rotary Club of Arnprior welcomed two new members with the induction of Larry Moher and Diana Tomazin. 
Terry welcomed Larry to the Club with a brief introduction. 
Larry grew up in Ottawa and pursued a career in electrical merchandise sales.  After his retirement in 2008 he moved to Arnprior where he works part-time at Home Hardware. Larry is an avid traveller and has made 6 major overseas trips. Larry particularly likes the international focus of Rotary and hopes to get actively involved with Rotary. 
Terry Dawson presented Larry with a Rotary pin and badge.
Larry will be mentored by Terry. 
Bruce Buie welcomed Diana to the Club with a brief introduction.
Diana grew up in St. Catherine’s and has relocated  herself along with her mother to Arnprior where she has had a Family Law practice since 2011.  Diana enjoys travelling and her travels have taken her mainly to Europe. Diana is very encouraged by the global involvement of Rotary and is looking forward to getting involved with Rotary.
Bruce presented Diana with the Rotary pin and badge. Bruce will also mentor Diana. 
Welcome Larry and Diana to the Rotary Club of 
From left to  right
Bruce Buie, Diana Tomazin  Larry Moher, Terry Dawson and Rod Smith
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Arnprior District High School “Me to We” Trip to Ecuador

Posted by Vila smith on May 30, 2018

In the Spring of 2018, a group of "Me to We" students from Arnprior District High School (ADHS) travelled to Quito, Ecuador and the surrounding areas on an educational trip.  The students learned much about life in Ecuador including the interests of similarly aged students and did a number of activities such as planting trees on a farm, constructing a new kitchen for a school, visiting a cacao farm, and, as a highlight, visiting the Amazon rain forest. 


Students Tessa and Kaylee along with their teacher Mark Wroe presented a 4 1/2 minute video of their trip to the Rotary Club of Arnprior on May 14. The Club donated $2,200 to the group of  students to assist with the trip out of proceeds from the 2018 Arnprior Rotary Cash Calendar fundraiser. Art students at ADHS partnered on the project by providing most of the artwork for the calendar.

Pictured below Rotarian/Treasurer Jane Peters, Students Tessa and Kaylee, Rod Smith President of The Rotary Club of Arnprior and in the background ADHS teacher and one of the chaperones Mark Wroe


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May 23; 2018 Rotary Day in Arnprior 

Posted by Vila Smith on May 25, 2018
May 23, 2018 was proclaimed “Rotary Day by Mayor David Reid and the Arnprior Town Council.
A number of events were organized to celebrate Rotary Day.
The celebration started with the raising of the Rotary flag at Town Hall by Mayor Reid and Rotary founding member Leo Hughes. Joining in the special occasion were Town Councillors, members of the public and Rotarians.

Refreshments and snacks were provided to the public at a Rotary booth at the corner of Madawaska Blvd and John St. S. Rotarians sold Mad Duck Race Tickets to be drawn on Canada Day for a cash prize of $1000 for 1st prize and $500 for the runner up. Tickets were also sold for the 2018 Rotary Cash Calendar.

A Tree planting ceremony was held at the corner near the Rotary community benches by the Mayor, Gallery Gift Shop representative Tara Pocket and new Rotary Club of Arnprior members Buena Dejoode and Larry Moher.
The President of Arnprior Rotary Club Rod Smith announced a Rotary 
Club of Arnprior donation of an  equipment item (Patient Lift with 
Scale, $7300) for the Arnprior Grove Redevelopment Project. Present 
for this announcement was Arnprior Regional Health Foundation Board 
member Chris Coady. Rod was pleased that the Rotary Club of Arnprior 
could show early leadership in supporting the Grove fundraising 
campaign along with other service clubs, businesses and individuals and 
urged the community to jump on board the campaign 
Wrapping up the day’s celebrations was a draw for the winning
ticket for the special $400 Rotary Day Prize, from the sale of the 
Rotary Club Cash Calendar. The draw was made by Dave Pelkey of the 
Vintage Crate and the winner was Kim Peters. The winner of the April 
Cash Calendar monthly draw, Roberta Ferguson, was awarded her $200 
A short video capturing the highlights of the day is available  by 
following this link:
The Rotary club of Arnprior would like to thank Paul Lavictoire for
video taping this event. Paul is a Friend of Rotary. 
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Terry the Duck man 

Terry the “Duck guy” takes his responsibilities very seriously! Check out the front seat.
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Arnprior Rotary Members celebrates Rotary Day Vila Smith 2018-05-23 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary Day Cash Calendar winner Vila Smith 2018-05-23 04:00:00Z 0

April Cash calendar winner

Posted by Vila Smith on May 23, 2018

 The winning ticket for the special $400 Rotary Day Prize, from the sale

of the Arnprior Rotary Club Cash Calendar was made by Dave Pelkey of 

the Vintage Crate and the winner was Kim Peters.

The winner of  April Cash Calendar monthly draw, Roberta Ferguson, was awarded her 

$200 prize






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New Member Induction



New Member Induction

Andrew Simms was welcomed to the Arnprior Rotary Club by Club President Rod Smith. Pictured here is Brian Patterson who is Andrew’s mentor donning the Rotary pin during the induction.


Welcome Andrew



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The Ducks Are Back In Town

Posted on May 13, 2018
The Rotary Club of Arnprior is proud to present the 9th ANNUAL ROTARY
A fundraiser to support the many good works of the Club in
the local community. Buy your duck for only $5.00 each and watch it float
to victory on the Madawaska River on Canada Day, Sunday, July 1st, 2018.
1500 rubber ducks will be released into the Madawaska River to race for the
finish line. The Grand prize for $1000 will be awarded to the winner and the
runner up will receive $500.
You can buy these tickets from Rotarians at the following locations:
Canadian Tire, Metro, No Frills and Giant Tiger.
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Sharing Rotary’s Stories in the Community 

Posted on Apr 04, 2018
Breakfast ‘N Learn is a monthly education session held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. This program is both a social and educational affair organized by the Arnprior-Braeside-McNab Seniors at Home Program.
The morning starts with a delicious hot breakfast followed by guest professionals speaking on chosen topics of interest to all Seniors age 55 and over.
At a recent Breakfast N learn session held at East Side Mario, members of the Arnprior Rotary club spoke about Rotary and what services the club offers both at the local and international level. Present at the breakfast were Rotarians Terry Dawson, Rod Smith (President), and Brian Patterson. 
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Cash Calendar February Monthly Draw Winner! 

Posted on Feb 12, 2018
The $200 Cash Calendar February monthly draw was rewarded to Larry Belcourt at the Feb 12/18 Rotary Club of Arnprior meeting at the Kenwood Corporate Centre. Larry is seen in the middle of the attached photo, flanked by Rotarians Buena Dejoode on the left and David Grant on the right. Larry expressed his sincere thanks to Rotary members for their many good works. He very generously donated his prize back to the Rotary Club to be put towards supporting ongoing efforts in the community. Together with the $1000 early bird draw and January monthly prizes, this is the third Cash Calendar prize awarded to date. 
Cash Calendar February Monthly Draw Winner! Vila Smith 2018-02-12 05:00:00Z 0 Cash Calendar,Larry Belcourt

Rotary Cash Calendar Project Reaps Rewards for ADHS Students

Posted on Dec 16, 2017
Rotarians Jane & Gerry Peters hand over $2,200 to some of the ADHS students going on the Me to We trip to Ecuador, shown with teachers Nicole White and Mark Wroe. ADHS Students helped with Arnprior Rotary’s 1st Cash Calendar Project which are still for sale at Keller Williams.
Rotary Cash Calendar Project Reaps Rewards for ADHS Students Jane Peters 2017-12-16 05:00:00Z 0 ADHS

Arnprior Rotary Club Canada Day Duck Race

Posted on Jul 01, 2017

As Canada turned 150, the Arnprior Rotary club celebrated Canada Day with its own celebration of “The Annual Rotary Mad Duck Race”. This event has been going on for 8 years. 

1500 ducks were dumped in the Madawaska River.

Retrieving the ducks came in various forms. Motor boats, a dog, seadooers and kayakers. Happy Birthday Canada and a good job done Rotarians. It was another fundraiser sellout year. 

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Franklin Presentation - March 9, 2016

Excellent Presentation of the full story of the discovery of the Franklin ship Erasmus.
Ryan Harris, Senior underwater archeologist with Parks Canada, was the presenter.  The Franklin Expedition has inspired and perplexed seamen and landlubbers alike, for decades. Erebus was discovered at Gjoa Haven, Nunavut.  The ship sits in 11 metres of water. Preserved in frigid arctic waters, the site provides a breath-taking view into the past.
Below:  Superfans Lucas and Evan Raz with Ryan Harris
Also enjoy the video of the pre-Presentation singing of Stan Rogers ' NorthWest Passage', by the one-performance Franklin Singers, featuring Steve Duffield.
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